Preschool of the Arts

About Us
Music is the Universal Language of Mankind

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow • 1807 - 1882

About Us

Preschool of the Arts

Music is a listening art and a written language. We believe that a young child’s initial experiences should be through the ear, the whole body, and then through the eyes. Through experiences of movement, rhythm and song, the child acquires a deeper feeling for music and knowledge of musical terms.

Whatever the activity, our goal is to promote learning in an environment of affection, support, encouragement and understanding.

Preschool of the Arts was established in 1986 by Gloria Wright who has an Ontario Teacher’s Diploma, Early Childhood Education Certification, and is also trained in the parent and child program Music Together®. The program is now run by Gloria’s daughter Heather Turnbull who is a
Registered Early Childhood Educator and trained in Music Together with certification level 1.

Together they continue to run a program based around the children’s interests while still including the quality music and visual arts part of the program.

Our Staff

  • Heather Turnbull

    Heather Turnbull


    Miss Heather is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and is a Music Together teacher with her certification level one.  She has Grade 8 piano and Grade 2 Theory. Heather has enjoyed working closely with her mom Gloria Wright for the past 17 years. Heather continues her early childhood education by learning from her five children that she raises with her husband.

  • Gloria Wright

    Gloria Wright

    Founder • 1986

    Miss Gloria Wright started Preschool of the Arts unique program in 1986. She has her Permanent Ontario Teacher’s Certificate. Gloria is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and has received her Certification. She has training in Dalcroze Eurhythimics, Suzuki, Orff and Kodaly. Gloria is a Music Together teacher and is trained in Classical guitar and piano. Gloria was honoured to have received the Children’s Services Educator’s Award in 2007. Her love and dedication for children shone brightly as she raised her three children and participated in volunteering for Sunday school and other related church activities, Girl Guides of Canada and several different organizations. Gloria is still very involved with her three children and their families who are all in London.

  • Mary Lepore

    Mary Lepore


    Miss Mary has her medical certificates from Fanshawe College and Medix school. She spent many years working in the medical field before joining us at Preschool of the Arts in 2005. Mary and her husband live in London and raise their two children together. Through her family life  she has spent many years  volunteering in the Catholic School Board and church related activities.

  • Megan Wales DiCarlo

    Megan Wales DiCarlo


    Miss Megan has a diploma in Performing Arts from George Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. She also ran her own home daycare for 4 years. She lives in London with her husband raising her two children. Megan started dancing at a very young age and is still actively involved. She has also completed her Music Together training and is happy to be teaching classes.

  • Victoria Regan

    Victoria Regan


    Miss Victoria is a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Victoria completed her ECE in the UK in  the year 2000. She then relocated to London ON where she lives with her husband and their two  children.  Victoria ran her own home daycare before joining our team in 2013. Her kind and  loving way guide her through the days as she uses creative talents while leading the children at  Preschool of the Arts.

  • Cassandra Haggarty

    Cassandra Haggarty


    Miss Cassandra has recently graduated and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator. She has worked at many camps with all ages of children. She plays the violin and has completed the Music Together training. Cassandra volunteers with organizations such as London Celebrates Canada and has travelled the world!

  • Paula Lund

    Paula Lund


    Miss Paula has her diploma in Leisure Studies and is currently completing her education to be a Registered Early Childhood Educator. She has completed training in many different music programs such as Kindermusik and Music Together. In 2014 Paula, her husband and two children travelled the world for a year.