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"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"

Parent Information

Preschool of the Arts uses music as a foundation for learning in a fun and creative manner. Our program includes play based learning, Music and movement, Creative art, Reading, Drama and Science. Whatever the activity, our goal is to promote learning in an environment of affection, support, encouragement and understanding. Below is an overview of what parents can expect for the year.

First and Last Day of Class

Classes will begin in September, the first day after labour day and will finish the last week of June (we follow a typical elementary school calendar). Monthly updates will be sent through email and we use Storypark as a platform to share our observations and communicate with our families. 

Preschool of the Arts closes on all stat holidays, March Break and holidays in Dec/Jan. We observe 3 PD days per year.

Snack Time

The preschool will provide food with fruits/veggies and protein and grain products during the half day schedule and full day schedule.  We are a NUT FREE environment and will notify parents of any other allergies if needed during the year.

Scholastic Book Club

Our preschool takes part in the Scholastic Book Clubs Elf & SeeSaw. This is a great way to start or expand your home library, as they offer amazing books that show students just how fun and rewarding reading can be. There is something just-right for every interest and ability - classic stories, award-winning authors, favourite series and characters, plus great seasonal selections - all at amazing prices! Scholastic sales also benefit our classroom, as the teachers receive credits towards purchasing classroom books and materials. 


Special Activities and events:

  • Special Guests

  • Holiday program

  • Special Family Events

  • Year End Celebration

  • One Fundraising Event

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