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Explore our Summer of 2018 Weekly Calendar...

9:00am - 11:30am ~$150/week

9:00am - 2:45pm ~ $275/week ($275/Week Includes a Healthy Lunch Provided by GrowingChefs!)

Note: Families must register their child(ren) for full weeks at a time (except where we are closed on the civic holiday). Payment must be made in full for all weeks one month before camps start. No cancellation refunds issued within one month of camp week start date.

July 16-20 ~ Jungle Week
Come and explore the natural terrain, meet different animals and have fun with the tall trees and green lush floors of the Jungle!

July 23-27 ~ Super Hero Week
Peek into the musical and artistic world of Disney, Pixar, and other cartoon mediums. Through a variety of media, including pencil, paint, and 3D materials, campers learn how to draw and musically recreate all of their favorite characters!

July 30 – August 3 ~ Happy Heritage
This week is all about family! Campers share their unique heritage through memories, photos, songs, and the creation of a family tree.  Who do we look up to? What we think we might be or do when we grow up?


August 7 – 10 ~ Around the World in 5 days
Travel around the world in 5 days at Preschool of the Arts! On our trip this week, we will gain insight on how different countries use art and music to express their culture.

August 13 – 17 ~ Wacky Water Week
Paint, play, and sing through eyes of the ocean! During Wacky Water Week, preschool friends sing and learn about life under the sea and create all of their favorite underwater creatures.

August 20-24 ~ Backyard Bash!
Preschool friends scavenge outside to find outdoor inspiration for song and art supplies for projects! From sticks and leaves to stones and sidewalk. Naturally inspired creativity!


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